Anti Aging Skin Treatment by Eliminating Eye Bags

Eye BagsEye bags are one of the problems addressed by anti aging skin treatment. These bags reduce the beauty of the eye.

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That affects your performance in any activity since you don’t feel you look your best. The causes of eye puffiness vary in each person. Some of the causes include:

    1. Changes in your body fluid balance due to changes in weather and your hormones. 

    2. Materials contained in your medications.

    3. Allergies can cause bags and sore eyes.

    4. Fluid trapped at the bottom of the eye, which usually occurs upon awakening or after crying.

    5. Irregular sleep patterns

Here are some tips on anti aging skin treatments to eliminates eye bags:

    1. Use a cold compress on the eyes. The trick is to take a towel and dip it in cold water. Place it on both eyes. Relief will soon be felt as the compress calms and relaxes the area. Do this for about 10 minutes before you go to bed. 

    2. Use tea bags as a compress for the eyes. Close your eyes and put a tea bag on top both eyelids. Let them stand for 15-30 minutes then remove the tea bags. Use these at night before bed regularly until the eye bags disappear.

    3. Use slices of cucumber. Make round slices then place them on the eyes while they are closed during sleep.

    4. A potato mask. Peel the potatoes and slice them thinly. Blend the potatoes into a paste. Apply the paste to the eye bag area, but be careful to avoid direct contact with eyes. Let stand 15 to 20 minutes. After that clean the residue left over from the potato flour with water and then wipe with a towel or soft cloth. The results will be slightly reduced eye bags. Fo this continuously until the bags are gone.

    5. Use an eye cream. Apply by massaging the bottom of the eye outward to reduce the collected fluid. Do not forget to keep an eye cream in the refrigerator. Cold temperatures can refresh your eyes.

    6. Drink plenty of water to reduce the appearance of eye bags, as dehydration makes bags more apparent.

    7. Last but not least, get your beauty sleep! Avoid both under and over sleeping by getting eight hours of rest each night.

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