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The best skin lightening creams rarely require a prescription. The creams help combat a range of skin pigment issues, including birthmarks and age spots. Choosing the right cream for your skin results in an even skin tone you can be proud of.

Meladerm Cream:

Meladerm ranks as the number one skin lightening product for good reason. Meladerm lightening cream suppresses the production of melanin in your skin, lightening the pigmentation. When used regularly, your skin becomes lighter and brighter with a more even skin tone. The cream works to even out blotchiness and uneven pigmentation, giving your skin a smooth look.
Benefits include:
Results are apparent in as little as two weeks.
Meladerm is an award winning product that’s been awarded with the 2005 Beauty With Science Winner for being voted the best over-the-counter skin lightener.
The cream goes on smooth, leaving behind no stick residue.
Meladerm uses natural ingredients to combat a range of pigmentation issues, including freckles, acne scars and liver spots.
The main issue with Meladerm skin lightening cream is that it can take up to four months to experience complete results, though some results do occur much sooner. Excessively scarred areas may also experience only minimal lightening, but this is true of most lightening creams.

SkinBright Skin Brightener:

SkinBright Skin Brightener cream uses all-natural ingredients to lighten and even out your skin tone. The cream also exfoliates and moisturizes improving both the quality and the color of your skin. A few of the top benefits of SkinBright are:
SkinBright uses natural ingredients, including Vitamin A Palmitate, Lemon Extract, Aloe Vera, Willow Bark Extract and Lemon Extract, so you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals.
The product provides long term results so that dark spots don’t quickly reappear if you miss a few applications.
SkinBright does not perform product testing on animals
The primary con with SkinBright is that is mainly formulated to work on epidermal pigmentation as opposed to hyper pigmentation issues. If you experience only epidermal discolorations, this product has very few drawbacks.

PharmaClinix Lightenex:

PharmaClinix Lightenex cream lightens skin discolorations occurring from hyperpigmentation. This bleach-free product is gentle on your skin and prepared from 100 percent natural ingredients. Benefits of Lightenex include:
Lightenex includes Kojic acid, which naturally slows melanin production.
The cream provides optimum lightening within eight weeks.
Lightenex works on all skin tones, including darker skin tones that are often more difficult to lighten and even out.

You must apply Lightenex twice daily for the best results, as missing an application may slow results. Lightenex provides an excellent option for stubborn skin discolorations.

Ambi Fade Cream:
The sun is often viewed as an enemy when you are trying to lighten and even out your skin tone. Ambi Fade Cream answers this dilemma by combining sun protection with its effective lightening lotion. Ambi is also the least expensive of the best skin lightening creams. The best things about this product are:
Ambi provides an entire lightening product line, allowing you to choose a product to fit your skin type.
Ambi lightening products include Vitamin E, which helps smooth, soften and regenerate your skin,
Results become apparent in as little as two weeks, though it may take longer to achieve your full desired results.

Some users have experiences minor irritation when using Ambi, so it isn’t always the best choice if you have highly sensitive skin. If you need an affordable option that works quickly, Ambi likely has a product that will help with your skin pigmentation issues.

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