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skin tone corrector

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No matter how youthful and supple your skin, an uneven skin tone can ruin your appearance. Splotchiness, liver spots and red irritation all cause uneven skin tone.

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Some products camouflage these problems while a few work to correct the underlying issues so your skin becomes naturally beautiful. Choosing the best skin tone corrector depends on the cause of the uneven color.


Many cosmetics include “skin tone correction” on their labeled list of benefits. In many cases, these only consist of foundation or cover-up meant to temporarily mask uneven skin tones. While these work well for temporary problems, such as irritation, they won’t solve long term issues. A few cosmetic foundations also include corrective ingredients. These work to camouflage the unevenness temporarily while the corrective ingredients work to solve the main issue. Most cosmetics of this type only cure the red, irritated skin or unevenness caused by dull, dry skin. Read the labels carefully, as these detail what type of conditions they target or if the product only temporarily masks the problem to even out your skin tone.


Skin tone correcting serums work as a part of your daily skin care routine. Most are applied one to two times daily in the morning and evening. All serums include moisturizers to combat dryness and irritation. The moisturizer alone works to combat red skin problems. Many serums also contain a bleaching agent. This agent helps lighten brown and dark colored pigments to even out your skin tone. The serum may also contain several natural or chemical ingredients purported to correct skin tone. These ingredients primarily target irritation to reduce redness.

Making the Choice

There is no one best skin tone corrector for everybody. A cosmetic corrector works best for those with minor or temporary problems. Cosmetics may not be suitable for sensitive or oily skin, since the heavy makeup can lead to breakouts or further irritation. Serums work well for most skin tone problems, but they can cause light sensitivity sue to the bleaching ingredients. You may need to experiment with multiple serums to find the best fit for your skin.

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