How to Heal Acne Scars

how to heal acne scars

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It’s a wonderful feeling when acne problems begin to clear up, but then something unsettling can happen. The scars left behind can be just as troubling or more so than the original outbreak. Learning how to heal acne scars will give you multiple options to eradicate the last vestiges of acne so your skin looks fresh and smooth again.

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Topical Treatments
Topical treatments, including creams and serums, are the least invasive methods for treating acne scars. These treatments help soften scar tissue and minimize their appearance. Topical treatments work best on mild to moderate scarring. The over the counter products are most effective on light scars, while more moderate scarring is better treated with a dermatologist prescribed cream

Simple Procedures
Dermabrasion and laser resurfacing work best on moderate to severe scars that are too deep for a topical treatment to work on effectively. Dermabrasion, performed by a dermatologist, uses a scrubbing brush to buff away the top layer of scar tissue. It takes 10 days or longer for your skin to regrow the skin, but the new skin is typically scar-free. Laser resurfacing removes the top layer of damaged skin with a laser. It takes less time than dermabrasion to complete and typically heals a bit quicker, too.

Surgical Treatments
The only reliable treatment for severe, deep acne scars may be surgery. Deeply indented scars are surgically removed. This eliminates the hard scar tissue and allows your skin to regrow supple, healthy tissue. In some cases surgery can be avoided by the use of injections designed to raise the scar tissue furrow. Healing time varies, but can take a month or longer before you see the final result.

With all the different ways for how to heal acne scars, determining the correct one for the condition of your skin may require a consultation with a dermatologist. The good news is you don’t have to live with the scarring forever.

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