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lip plumper that works

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Thin lips paired with the appearance of fine lines can leave your mouth looking less than kissable. But short of collagen injections, what is a girl to do? Thankfully, there are cosmetic options, including lip pumper that work to actually make your lips plumper and fuller, not just provide the optical illusion of more luscious lips.

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How they Work
Lip plumpers use a topical application of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and other chemicals that safely make your lips fuller while smoothing out some fine lines around your lips. Many plumpers include a gloss or tint so you can use them to accentuate your natural lip color for day time wear, while others are strictly night time formulas that plump your lips while you sleep so you wake up with a fuller, firmer pucker in the morning.

The Fusion Beauty LipFusion XL plumper is one of the most popular plumpers available. Applying this night based formula micro injects collagen into the skin cells of your lip area, making your pout more luscious and pronounced. Although it’s primarily a night time treatment, it doubles as a gloss so you can continue to wear it during the day if desired. LipFusion tingles when you first put it on, but it isn’t an unpleasant feeling and the tingling is just a result of the active compounds penetrating your lips to help make them fuller and plumper.

Application Tips
Lip plumpers that work require proper application for the full results to manifest. Each brand carries its own set of instructions, but most generally require application on clean, dry skin. Overnight treatments, like the LipFusion, also work to exfoliate dry skin and hydrate your lips. Rubbing your lips gently with a rough washcloth during removal of the gloss further helps remove the dead, dry skin cells so your lips are smoother and develop a better color.

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