Most Expensive Makeup In The World

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most expensive makeup in the world


Coming in at nearly $600 per ounce, the Revive Intensite Volumizing Serum seems a clear winner for the most expensive makeup in the world. While you can spend more than $600 on cosmetics, most of the surplus expense is for diamond encrusted cases and not for the makeup itself. For example, Guerlain produces a $62,000 KissKiss lipstick, but the gold and diamond case is the real product and not the makeup inside.

What is Revive Intensite?

The Intensite Serum is the costliest anti-aging cream available today. While other anti-aging creams come close – La Prairie’s Platinum Cream is $588 per ounce – Revive has cornered the market on exquisite and pricey wrinkle creams. The Intensite Serum works by rehydrating and plumping the skin, erasing wrinkles in the process. The serum must soak in to the skin thoroughly to work properly and work its hydration magic.

Does it Work?

The first question that springs to mind is how well does it work. Obviously, for the price Revive has done plenty of testing to ensure their product delivers. Results may take a few weeks to become apparent since Revive works by plumping the skin slowly and naturally.

The serum primarily targets the lines around the nose, mouth and eyes. These wrinkles appear as the skin loses volume. Twice daily applications of the serum rehydrate the tissue inside the lines so the wrinkles begin to minimize. Light wrinkles may disappear completely within weeks.

Is it worth it to purchase the most expensive makeup in the world? Devoted customers think it is. Satisfaction amongst currents Revive users is high, even with the lofty price tag. Its dependable and drastic performance as an anti-aging serum shines through in nearly every review. With the Intensite Volumizing Serum, Revive has proven that you can put a price on beauty.

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