Natural Body Scrub For Skin Treatment

ONatural Body Scrubne method of natural skin treatment is with a body scrub. The primary function of a body scrub is to remove dead skin cells on the skin so the skin becomes bright and fresh. A body scrub that can deliver maximum results is a natural body scrub. Body scrubs are made from natural ingredients, such as fruits, honey and nuts.

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I’ll share a few recipes for a natural body scrub. This body scrub is made from milk and tomatoes. First, heat one cup of fresh whole milk. Stir until it begins to boil. Turn off the heat and set it aside for some time to cool. A thick layer will form at the top of the milk. Take it off with a spoon and place it into a container.

Meanwhile, break open some fresh tomatoes. Strain the tomatoes to get the juice and water only. Heat the juice over low heat so it evaporates slowly. Take care that it doesn’t boil. Stir and wait for the water to to reduce to half its previous volume. Turn off the heat and let it stand until it’s lukewarm.

Mix the reduced tomato juice with equal parts of the condensed milk. Add rice flour and corn flour until the mixture is as thick as desired and resembles a dough. The scrub is ready for use.

Apply the scrub to the entire body immediately mixing. If there is any remaining scrub, keep it in the refrigerator for later as it can be used again. However, do not keep it too long because the scrub does not last long.

Make and use the body scrub 2 times a month, and then you will see the results are perfect. This natural body scrub is very safe so you do not need to be afraid of using it. However, if there is any allergic reaction or itching, discontinue its use immediately.

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