Natural Skin Treatment – Face Masks Of Fruits

Natural Skin Treatment - Face Masks Of Fruits

One method of natural skin treatment is to use a mask made from fruits. Masks can restore the freshness of the skin and at the same time help the skin on the face to tighten.

The use of fruit in a face mask has several benefits. Besides softening the skin, the mask’s main function is to open clogged pores caused by dirt, dust and the use of cosmetics that cannot be removed by regular cleaning. Masks can also restore moisture and smoothness to the skin. The fruit in the face mask also helps relax the facial muscles. We recommend using a fruit mask 1-2 times a week. The skin will look bright and tight.

Lots of fruits can be used to create this natural mask, such as avocado, strawberry, almond, lemon and grapes.

Fruits are very safe for skin care use because they are a natural skin treatment. However, for sensitive skin types some fruits may cause itching. If there is anything like that then stop the use of the mask. Also, do not apply the mask to the area around the eyes.

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