Natural Skin treatment to Solve Acne Using Honey Mask

Honey MaskAcne can affect anyone and it can be anywhere on our bodies. Acne grows on our skin. Many drugs can cure acne, but it’s nice if we can use a natural skin treatment for outbreaks. However, before knowing what natural ingredients can be used to treat acne, you should know your skin type and what kind of material is suitable for the treatment of your acne.

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Usually acne is caused when you go to sleep without cleaning your face. Additionally, certain foods can trigger the growth of acne, such as oily, spicy and greasy foods. To cope with acne, it’s best to frequently clean your face and also to eat fibrous foods to reduce the excessive levels of fat in your body. However, if acne has already occurred, then the first thing done for treatment is to identify your skin type. Remember, your skin type will be different for each part of your body, so take note of the type of your face skin.

For treatment, I recommend you use a natural skin treatment to solve acne using a honey mask. Why honey? Because honey is rich in vitamins and minerals that can remove dead skin cells and clean bacteria from the face. The nature of honey is to kill all microbes and bacteria that cause acne. Honey also has a high anti-oxidant content so it can refresh your face. Honey also can close the pores of your skin and rejuvenate your skin. So the honey mask can also function as anti aging skin treatment.

Keep in mind that if you use honey as a face mask, then the honey you use must be completely pure ad can’t be honey that has been processed in a factory. Do not use honey that has been through the process of the manufacturer because the processed honey will contain the manufacturer’s chemical substances and can damage your skin. Good luck1

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