Sensitive Skin Treatment

Sensitive SkinSensitive skin prone to problems. About half of women consider their skin sensitive, when in fact oly about 20 percent experience the symptoms of sensitive skin . Symptoms consist of itching, burning, peeling skin and acne. If your skin is sensitive but not included the true type but you are still afraid of irritation, you should choose products with formulas that do not contain any fragrance.

Here are a few skin treatment methods you can do for your sensitive skin. Remember this is only for sensitive skin treatment.

      1. Look for skin products labeled for sensitive skin. Products that contain anti-inflammatory herbs, such as chamomile or soothing aloe, help maintain your skin.

2. Clean makeup with a gentle cleanser that contains no soap or gentle cleanser for makeup removal. When cleaning your face, use water, wipes or makeup remover wipes (special premoistened cleaning wipes are ready to buy). Avoid washcloths because they are too hard and do not use cold or hot water because the extreme temperatures may irritate your skin quickly.

3. Avoid scrubbing with abrasives. If your skin is sensitive then you probably should ‘t exfoliate at all. If you have oily skin, try using a cleanser containing salicylic acid to open clogged pores. This is a more gentle ingredient for sensitive skin than scrubs.

4. Use fresheners that do not contain alcohol. Products containing alcohol trigger a reaction in sensitive skin. Instead, choose a freshener containing lavender or witch hazel.

These are just a few tips for treating sensitive skin, I hope you found them useful.

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