Skin Treatment For Baby

Baby's Skin

One of the important skin treatments is the skin treatment necessary for your baby. Skin treatments for baby are not the same as those for adults. Baby’s skin soft and not yet fully grown and require extra special care.

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Newborn babies have very sensitive skin. Small things that don’t significantly affect an adult’s skin can have a large affect on a baby’s skin. The environment in your home is one important factor in infant skin treatment. Towels, blankets, bed sheets, clothes and other materials that are always in contact with the your baby affect the skin. Make sure you’ve washed all the fabrics and equipment with special hypoallergenic soap made specifically for babies. Choose baby clothes made from soft and loose fabrics. To keep the baby warm, use several layers of clothing with a soft material instead of furry and thick fabrics.

Here are some tips you can do to care for the baby’s skin:

    1. When bathing, use soaps and shampoos made specifically for babies. Soap and shampoo for adults is not suitable for a baby’s skin – including those intended for sensitive adult skin. Bathing newborns too frequently is not recommended. Bathing too often causes the baby to become prone to hypothermia, and the baby’s skin becomes dry and begins to peel. 

    2. Protect your baby’s skin from the sun when walking outside the house. Despite the fact they need fresh air and sunlight, it still helps to avoid the stinging sunlight in the afternoon and evening. Choose the morning sunshine because it is proven to help the formation of vitamin D in the body. If forced to take your baby out of the house during the day, protect their skin with adequate clothing. Use a sun protection lotion when needed and use one that is safe for baby’s skin.

    3. Contact your doctor immediately if you need more information about how to care for your baby’s skin.

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