Skin Treatment For Modern Men

Skin Treatment for Male

It turns out that not only women want healthy skin, but that men also want a healthy skin to maximize their appearance. According to experts, men’s skin is genetically and physiologically different than women’s. Therefore, special skin treatment for males is absolutely necessary. Those who often do activities outside the home and deal directly with various kinds of pollution, such as motor vehicle fumes, dust and UV rays from the sun especially need good skin care. These pollutants can make the skin not as healthy.

To meet the needs of a man caring for his skin, there are a few tips that can be done for the skin treatment for modern men. Among these are:

1. Use a Body Wash with vitamin E in the bath. Skin is the first defense against the elements, such as pollution and micro-organisms. Your skin is your body’s protective coating, so it is necessary to use nutrients that help clean the skin effectively while making the skin feel moist. Moisturizers with Vitamin E make the skin feel soft and well manicured.

2. Use a face cleansing wash to clean your face. Do not use products that are specific to women because men have different skin types than a woman. According to studies male skin is thicker by about 25 percent and has sebaceous glands that makes it more oily than that of women.

3. Use a moisturizing body lotion as your body moisturizer. The effects of global warming that are happening daily makes our skin dry. We need to deal with changes in temperature extremes and with UV A and B rays, not to mention the pollution that can damage skin health.

Besides using skin treatment products for men, you also have to improve your habits by drinking at least 8 glasses of mineral water a day, avoiding direct sunlight, getting adequate rest, avoiding smoking and alcohol, avoiding stress and meeting your nutritional needs.

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