Skin Treatment to Eliminate Body Odor

Body OdorBody odor is the most important thing in maintaining our appearance. Various ways are available to eliminate body odor. Before we discuss skin treatments to eliminate body odor, we should first know the causes of body odor.

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Body odor is caused by bacteria under the skin when it is mixed with sweat. The bacteria then reacts with the dirt to form natural chemicals that cause odor. The smell is what we are familiar with as body odor. A poor diet can cause body odor. There are some foods that can lead to body odor when consumed. Among them is red onion, garlic, onions, spicy foods and also greasy foods. Changes in hormonal and genetic factors can also cause body odor. However, genetic factors and hormones are not always the main cause.

Once we know the cause of the emergence of body odor, we can combat it. I’ll give you some tips to eliminate body odor. The most common way to address body odor is by using deodorant. Deodorant that gives off a fragrance and antiperspirants can minimize excessive sweating. This method is effective to reduce perspiration odor. Powder is also often used to reduce your sweat production. Powder can serve as an absorber of perspiration. Powder can also be used to reduce the sweating that causes body odor. However, sometimes there is a feeling that using powder is ineffective. Powder accumulates in the armpit, which can actually trigger the body odor.

Tight clothing and synthetic types cause more sweat than usual clothing. So whenever possible wear loose clothing made of cotton so your body can breathe.

Bathing regularly is important in skin treatment and it helps fight body odor. Hot drinks can increase body heat and increase perspiration. So if you are worried about your body odor, it’s good to get used to drinking cold water. Perfume may be unable to overcome the body sweat instantly, but they do help when odors occurred.

Body odor can also be overcome in the traditional way by consuming natural ingredients that can reduce sweat production. There are many natural herbs that can be used.

The main thing in getting rid of body odor is to maintain the cleanliness of the body.

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