Skin Treatment With Star Fruit

Facial Mask With Star FruitA facial mask for skin treatment is the oldest in beauty treatments. Besides softening the skin, the mask functions to open clogged pores and get rid of dirt on the skin – either residual cosmetic or dust and pollution.

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Masks can also restore the moisture and smoothness of the skin.  You can make your own mask at home. Besides the materials being easily accessible, making it is not difficult. One of the ingredients that you can use are the various types of fruit. It’s not too complicated to make a mask. You can simply select the type of fruit with a content that matches the kind of skin you have. Mash or pulp the fruit to prepare it. If the mashed fruit is too thick, add plain yogurt. Drain and add more fruit if it’s too watery. Apply it gently on face and neck, but avoid the eyes.

Skin treatment with star fruit is a good choice for those of you who want a fresh face and smooth skin. The vitamin C and A in the star fruit effectively helps shrink the skin’s pores, refreshing and soothing the face. The mineral content helps reduce fatigue to the skin, giving you a fresh, glowing face. The basic instructions for a star fruit mask recipe:

    -Wash the star fruit 

    -Cut the star fruit into thin slices

    -Apply the fruit paste to the skin, especially in oily areas.

    -Let stand for about 5 minutes

    -Rinse with clean water

Now you can have a fruit mask that is oil free.

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